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14 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine!

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14 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine!

Hi! Welcome! This is our first post for Curlewis Street, your spot for all the things that Curlewis the brand loves, ponders and explores.

We're super excited to kick off our Curlewis Street series on Valentine's Day.

Now, we hear you, we have a love hate relationship with Valentine's Day but today we're here to give you a few ideas, 14 in fact, on how you can enjoy Valentine's whether your snuggling up to a warm body or a warm pillow (I know it sounds weird, or does it???)

Now that pillow isn't going to warm itself so let's get right to it, shall we?

1) Kind words - this may seem pretty simple or pretty lame, depending on your persuasion but its both physically and financially painless, so why not give it a go? Some phrases you can try are "I am worthy", "I am beautiful", "I am enough" or "I deserve the best". 


2) Do something you love! Whether that's going to a dance class, sitting down with a good book, baking a cake, going for a swim, playing with your dog, or cat, or going to a group meditation. This is the day of all days where you deserve to do something that innocently brings you joy!


3) Give yourself some serious pleasure. Yes, we're referring to masturbation my friends! Whether it's just you, yourself and I, or you, your vibrator and your videos. And if you've got the opportunity, make a moment out of it! Light a candle or two, put on some soothing music, run a bath with your favourite salts. We're getting jealous just writing this!


4) Wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. If you've got the time, plan it out the night before so that when you're getting dressed in the morning you don't have to go hunting around your closet. It doesn't have to cost a million bucks, or even look like it does, it just has to make you feel that way. So it could be your favourite cocktail dress or it could be your yoga pants - fashion's so fluid these days that either works for what ever the day brings!


5) Get your groove on. Michael? Whitney? Madonna? Ariana? Whom ever! Just get that booty moving, even if for just one song! You can do this during your commute, car or public transport, or while you're making dinner, or on your lunch break. It doesn't have to be full body movement, we'll take an enthusiastic foot tap or a subtle shimmy ;-)


6) Get someone to put their hands on you. We're talking about a massage, and not one with a happy ending, before you get ahead of yourself. If you're comfortable being touched, massages can make you more than just relaxed "Because touch activates our skin’s pressure receptors and they consequently release oxytocin—otherwise known as the “cuddle” hormone—massage therapy helps to promote feelings of trust and attachment." Read more about it here. See, we're not just a pretty face. 


7) Buy yourself some flowers girl! We love flowers at Curlewis so this is a no brainer for us, we take ourselves to the market every Saturday morning and buy a bunch to put around our house and office. There's something about having flowers in a home that honours natural beauty and coincidentally celebrates a space. You deserve both of these things!


8) Get your face masks out people! Yes, we're talking about at home facials my friends. Do you like clay? Do you like creams? Do you like sheets? Do you like avocados? There are so many options nowadays that all it really takes is a trip to the grocery store and you've got your pampering session sorted. 


9) Meditation. We're pretty serious meditators at Curlewis so we couldn't recommend this highly enough and there are so many more ways to partake than there were only 5 years ago. There are a few paths to go down in terms of learning how to meditate, and this may be something that we dive deeper in to in another post, but one really easy way to try it out is by using an App like Headspace or Calm. Make time in your schedule for just 10 minutes and see what benefits you may reap.


10) Go have some fun and move that bod! Joyful movement may sound a little hippy dippy but we love the endorphins that are created when we exert our bodies. So let's just say that if you're smiling while you're doing it, then we support it! 


11) Take yourself out on a date. And this is for people with and with out a special someone. Show yourself the generosity and attention that you'd love for another person to give to you. So, choose your spots, make a schedule, put together your outfits, and off you go! You can be as brazen as taking yourself out to dinner and a movie or as low key as a walk through the park and book on a bench. 


12) If that sounds like too much work then you might love this - a romantic night at home alone! Again, this may or may not be your cup of tea depending on your persuasion (personally, it sounds amazing) but it's the same concept as take yourself out on a date, but in pyjamas. Cook a new recipe or order in from your favourite, light some delicious candles or don't, put on a movie or a new show and enjoy! Give yourself the permission to enjoy the heck out of your night in.


13) Have a bath. Now, we have not always been bath people but recently, given the right temperature, nothing could be sweeter. Some may last 10 minutes, others may last 50. Sprinkle those salts, get those candles back out and put on a podcast. 


14) Lingerie, lingerie, lingerie. Can't say it enough times, lingerie. Again, like fashion, this has become very fluid depending on your personal style, but there's just something about putting on that special pair of super seductive undergarments that make you feel sexy. Again, for those with or with out partners and something we highly recommend as a daily occurrence.


So there you have it folks! Our top 14 ways to make you feel like you're own Valentine. There are still so many other ways that you can make this happen, from getting a really good nights sleep to a solo getaway. Regardless of what you decide to do today, the most important thing to remember is that you deserve to treat yourself like the queen that you are on a daily basis.


Enjoy yourself ladies! 



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