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The Best Ocean Pools in Sydney

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The Best Ocean Pools in Sydney
We love the beach. We love the feeling of freshness that you get when you dunk yourself under the waves. The feeling of the sun on your skin as it dries the water, leaving just the salt as the only evidence of its existence. Then there's the sand. Ah yes, that old chestnut. It can be warm and comfortable and beautiful, but it can also get *everywhere*. So we're here to help you enjoy these last few week of warm weather by the ocean, sand free.
Please enjoy the below list of our favourite ocean pools in Sydney.

Icebergs - Bondi Beach

 As locals, we may be partial to Icebergs, however, we dare you to show us a more Instagrammed ocean pool in Sydney. Head on down for an afternoon of cool white surrounds and grab a quick bite at one of the 3 restaurants on hand. There's also a sauna if you really feel like making a day of it. 


McIver's Ladies Baths - Coogee

We happened upon these baths by pure chance while scouting locations for our look book shoot. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. This pool is haven for women and children who can feel comfortable to bear as much or as little as they want. Entrance to the pool is based on donations and run by local volunteers. #obsessed


Bronte Baths - Bronte

 Although not as world famous as Icebergs, the Bronte Baths are about as iconic as it gets in Sydney. Feel free to lie upon the concrete surrounds of the pool or situate yourself on the lawn the beach's park close by.


Fairy Bower Pool - Manly

 While we have yet to visit this bath it's definitely on our hit list! Perfect for Manly or North Sydney locals, this pool is situated right between Manly and Fairy Bower alongside Marine Parade. Uniquely triangularly shaped with a few sea nymph sculptures by Helen Leete watching over the swimmers makes this pool perfect for art and ocean lovers alike!


North Curl Curl Rockpool - Curl Curl

 Yet another on our hit list, this pool is situated right at the north end of Curl Curl beach surrounded by rocks. Our favourite pools are the ones that satisfy our need for a connection to nature and an easy swim, this pool seems to delivery both perfectly. 


So did we inspire you to get out into the great outdoors? Kind of? We'll take it! We hope that you get some enjoyment out of the last few weeks of summer time here in Sydney. 


C xx

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